Announcing Buri BentoBox 1.1.2

Announcing the “Buri” BentoBox v1.1.2

We are pleased to announce an updated version of the BentoBox SDK for Kiji. This system includes several upgraded components and will make it easier to deliver new releases of Kiji software to you as well.

Buri includes the following software:

  • KijiSchema 1.1.1 *UPDATED*
  • KijiSchema shell 1.1.0
  • KijiMR 1.0.1 *UPDATED*
  • KijiMR Library 1.0.0
  • Kiji Hive adapter 0.4.1
  • KijiREST 0.3.0 *UPDATED*
  • KijiScoring 0.3.0
  • KijiExpress 0.6.0 *UPDATED*

A new KijiREST Ruby client (v0.0.2) is also available.

This BentoBox is powered by Hadoop and HBase via CDH 4.2. It is built around the latest version of KijiSchema and is compatible with CDH 4.1 and CDH 4.2.

Below is an overview of updates made. For full details on changes made, see the RELEASE_NOTES.txt files included with BentoBox.

Notable Updates

This release includes updated versions of KijiSchema, KijiMR, the Kiji REST server and Ruby client, and Express.

KijiSchema 1.1.1

This release fixes several small bugs present in 1.1.0 (SCHEMA-438, SCHEMA-440, SCHEMA-439, SCHEMA-139, SCHEMA-445). Users are recommended to use this version instead. Users should not see any incompatible changes.

The kiji ls command now defaults to listing Kiji instances if no argument is given (SCHEMA-433).

KijiMR 1.0.1

This release fixes some small bugs present in 1.0.0 (KIJIMR-210, KIJIMR-215). Users are recommended to use this version instead. Users should not see any incompatible changes.

KijiREST 0.3.0

This version of the KijiREST server includes the following new features:

  • REST-21. Implement batch POST operation
  • REST-23. Expose methods to read and write REST row models
  • REST-8. Allow installation of custom HBase configuration in a conf/ dir

Other small bugfixes were also included; see the RELEASE_NOTES.txt file for details.

A new version of the KijiREST Ruby client (0.0.2) is now available. This version includes REST-31 (Add a new method to return a row from a given table by entityId). For usage instructions, see the rubygems page for the KijiREST client.

Kiji Express 0.6.0

Several new features were added to this version of Express:

  • EXP-89. Allows users to specify qualifiers for columns in a map-type column family which need not start with an alphabetic character.
  • EXP-83. Adds additional methods to ColumnRequest that allow users to better specify default values for missing columns when reading rows from a Kiji table.
  • EXP-94. Allows users to write empty Avro lists or maps to Kiji.
  • EXP-95. Provides additional factory methods for creating an AvroRecord.

Several other small bugfixes were included; see the RELEASE_NOTES.txt file for more details.


As always, thank you to our users–especially those who have provided feedback or reported bugs to and to contributors who submitted patches. We are excited to develop software with and for you, and look forward to providing more useful improvements and tools in the future.

Ready to get started? Download the BentoBox today! If you’re one of our existing users, use the command bento upgrade to upgrade your BentoBox.