The Kiji Project

Build Real-time Big Data Applications on Apache HBase. Open Source. Apache 2.0 Licensed.

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Kiji Sessions

Kiji fans, we are excited to announce Kiji Sessions: a one day event devoted to bringing Kiji users, contributors and creators together to discuss Kiji architecture, use cases and best practices. All skill levels welcome.

View the event schedule and register here.


About Kiji:

The Kiji Project is a modular, open-source framework that enables developers and analysts to collect, analyze and use data in real-time applications.

Developers are using Kiji to build:

  • Product and content recommendation systems
  • Risk analysis and fraud monitoring
  • Customer profile and segmentation applications
  • Energy usage analytics & reporting


  • Automated serialization for storage and retrieval of complex data types like purchase histories, customer profiles, social graphs, etc.
  • Enables seamless, dynamic changes to table schemas while keeping backward compatibility with old schemas
  • Gives a natural, intuitive toolkit for predictive modeling with machine learning library
  • Easy HiveQL access using metadata stored within Kiji
  • Development environment with Hadoop, HBase and all Kiji components in under 10 minutes